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Collect user feedback and feature requests in one single place. Reward outstanding feedback and build features people really want.

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From flower fields to honey

How it works

Collect feedback

One place to collect all your user feedback. Never let any request unanswered or getting buried in your notes or emails.

Improve your app

Make the right decisions and build what your users want. Let them take part and create something special together.

Reward and enjoy

Reward your users for bringing in feedback and keep them engaged with your app.

A place for all feature requests

Userbee helps you to keep track of all your user feedback and feature requests. Form the right decisions and build what people really want. Keep your honeypot full of sweet ideas and make your app delicious.

💰 Bounty programFuture enhancement

The userbee bounty program helps small development teams to build features that users ultimately want. Just a few dollars can help to kick things off. Users can put a bounty on a feature they really want to see, e.g. 100 $ and help you as a dev team to get started.

Inbox user interface

Reward your helpful bees

Feedback that makes your app better needs to be rewarded. With seamless integrations for RevenueCat and Stripe you can send out promo codes in seconds. Keep your users engaged and let great feedback fill your honeypot.

Customer profile user interface

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